AD9266 driver

Hello AD Community

I am developping an ADC stage with 16 bit and 20 MSPS using the AD9266-20 version. As far as I understand the timing description of the datasheet, there is written that the settling time needs to be less than half of one clock period. Taking the frequency of 20MHz this will result in 50ns per cycle and therefore 25ns for the settling time. My analog input range for the adc driver is somewhere between 0 and 2v and not changing extremly so more small signal usage. In the datasheet there is the recommondation to use the ADA4938-2. I am unsure if this device will fullfill the requirements. I made some additional research and found the ADA4945-1 which has in my opinion better characteristis. To be fair, this device got released later. But still there I am doupting if it really fullfills my requirements... i found the MAX4434- MAX4437 familiy which gives me the best feeling so far. But this would be interesting to use a Maxim adc driver because AD has nothing to drive their adc with my spec.

I would appreciate to hear your feedback. Maybe there are better recommondations for my purpose.

Kind regards


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