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LT1819 is supplied by +-5V when it works with LT2310 as ADC drivers ?

the first question:In the reference SCH DC2425A,LT1819 is supplied by +6/-6v. Is it ok if the chip is supplied by +5/-5V? In the datasheet, it says Specifi ed at ±5V, Single 5V Supplies, why it supplied by +6/-6V?

the second question, the following is my design which I modify according to DC2425A.Can you help me to check is it right?

In my design, I use two single ADC, is it ok if I use one  Precision reference voltage source to supply the pin REFOUT of two ADCS?

  • Hi Jessie:  The LT1819 is specified at +/-5V, and has a PSRR spec'd to +/-5.5V.   +-/6V is a little close to the Abs Max supply total of 12.6V, but as long as the supplies don't overshoot, it should be okay.   If the ADC ref pins are fairly benign, then you should normally be able to provide one reference for both ADC's, but you'll want a lot of bypass and use a plane not just a trace.  But the ADC experts should get back to you on this question.

  • Hi GlenBresebois: The Vcm of the LT1819 in the datasheet is ±4.2V when the VS = ±5V. Is it right  -4.2V<VIN+<4.2V and -4.2V<VIN-<4.2V?

    And the Vcm is displayed in the following picture  when the VS = 5V,0V.Is it right  0.8V<VIN+<4.2V and 0.8V<VIN-<4.2V?

    I don't understand what's the mean of the positive and the negative in the brackets.