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How to DC-couple LTC6403-1 and AD9253


I want to use LTC6403-1.
I have a question about the connection with the ADC (AD9253) , so please let me know.

I think the LTC6403-1 is compatible with Zero-I / F.
I would like to connect to the AD9253 with a DC connection. Are there any specific methods or precautions?

・ LTC6403 VOCM = 1.5V
・ AD9253 VIN is rated at 2.0V MAX
⇒ For example, is there a way to convert AD9253 input VCM = 0.9V?

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  • Hi naohisa,

    If I understand your question correctly, you'd like to find a way to use the LTC6403-1 to drive the analog input of AD9253 ADC. You're looking at the AD9253 input CM voltage of 0.9V and asking whether LTC6403-1 can support that?

    LTC6403-1 Vocm is from 1.1V to 2V (Vs = 3V), shown as VOUTCMR. However, AD9253 input CM can be set to 1.1V with reasonable performance as shown in AD9253 Figure 56:

    So, I'd recommend you use 1.1V for AD9253 CM and set LTC6403-1 to 1.1V as well.

    If I misunderstood your question, please let me know.