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Simulation of Photodiode connection to ADA4350

Hello Fellows,

I am attaching a LTSpice simulation circuit. Inverting input of ADA4350 is connected to a recommended equivalent circuit of a photodiode. The stimulus is a 2MHz sinusoidal signal of 2.5uAp value.

To calculate the Rfeedback (R1) and Cfeedback (C1), used the literature - snapshot is attached.


My questions are: 

1. When C2 (900pF) is almost nonexistent, input/output waveforms are not distorted. The gain is still not what is expected according to the formulas from the attached sheet. What I might be misinterpreting in setting up the circuit?

2. Datasheet for ADA4350 states that it can be operated from single supply source of 3.3VDC. When I replace VEE with a ground, The output seems to have been disabled. There is hints of sinusoidal signal at output, but no gain. Again, how should I correct this issue.

Note: The photodiode I am looking for will have nominal terminal capacitance of 900pF and will have up to 2000pF.

Thanks for helping.