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Questions about ADA4938-1 and ADL5562 for using ADC driver circuit of AD9648


My customer will use AD9648( ADC  )and ADL5562 (ADC driver) in their product.

And they want to add additional amp. (ADA4938-1) for compensating  Gain value at the frond-end of ADL5562.

Q1) Would you advice your opinions about  using 2 op amps at the front-end of AD9648  (Please refer below concept picture.)?

Q2) At the front-end of AD9648 (ADC), is the above concept  usable circuit?

Q3) Can you recommend other components or circuits for this case?

     ( Amp with 5dB Gain + ADL5562 + AD9648)

        1) Need additional 5dB Gain

         2) Change single-ended signal to differential signals

         3) Output signals should be met the input spec. of ADL5562.




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