Buffer similar to TI's BUF634.

I am looking for an output buffer to use with an audio amplifier I am designing. So far, the best ones I've come across are from TI i.e LME49600 and BUF634. I have to say the ADI website is not easy to navigate when looking for products - especially based on application category. TI has a section for audio. In any case, is there an offering from ADI that is similar to the BUF634 specifically - or perhaps, what are the best op-amps from ADI that can be used as unity gain buffers on the output of portable audio equipment? Also output current protection is essential as I don't want to use any discrete components with in the signal path after the buffer. 


I came across the LT1010 but the datasheet does not say anything about output current limit/protection. As far as specs, it can't go neck to neck with the TI offering either.

Added LT1010
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