High current modulated voltage source

For a test setup, I am designing, modulatable voltage source.

The voltage source is to serve as a test power supply for sensors and actuators in the automotive sector. It is necessary to test the behavior of these devices under different voltage levels, for example in the event of brief overvoltage or incorrect polarity. Some actuators under test use up to 30 amps.

I plan to generate the test signals with the analog discovery 2 waveform generator and then to scale them to the required voltage range from -18 to + 56V. Then the signals are amplified via parallel high-current operational amplifiers in order to achieve the required currents.

Here are the requirements of our test voltage profiles: 

Do you think, using parallel high current op-amps is the right choice for generating these signals? 

If so, do you have any recommendation what parts to use? So far my favorite op-amp is a TI OPA549, however I am still looking for alternatives. 

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