ADA4522 Spice model Input Bias Current Too high

LTSpice XVII - date installed 2017

I’m measuring about 12 nA for input bias current. The data sheet gives room typical and max of 50 and 150 pA respectively. The max over temperature (125C) is spec’d at 3 nA.

My simulation is a simple non-inverting unity gain buffer with a feedback resistor from Vout to the 4522 (-) input. The (+) input is tied directly to an input DC voltage source set to zero volts (negative side of input source is tied to cut com. The 4522 is powered by +/- 12 VDC.

The circuit behaves like I would expect. When the feedback resistor is set to zero ohms, the output goes to about 1uV. When I set the resistor to 1 Meg, the output goes to about -12 mVDC which means there is about 12 nA coming out of the (-) input of the 4522. The current in the .op table shows the Ibiza’s current as about 12 nA.

Has a newer Spice model been developed that works more like the real part?

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