Ask questions about LTC2380-24 ADC Driver design


Here is an example of LTC2380-24 ADC Driver design, I will have some questions to ask.

a. Based on LTC6363 datasheet, the settling time is 720ns(to 4ppm), on the other hand, the RC time constant is τ=R6*C6=60.4*33=1993.2nS. But

the acquisition time of LTC2380-24 is only 95nS.Using this amplifier in conjunction with the R6 and C6, is it possible for the LTC2380-24  to settle to (±1/2) LSB accuracy in acquisition phase?

b. LTC6363 is not only an ADC Driver, but also an anti-aliasing filter, can be used as single-end or differential input, how to design this filter to complete single-end to differential application with certain bandwidth and attenuation, would you please give more details and a reference design or some design tools?