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LTC6268-10 1khz bandwith application


Iı am new in this forum. It is very nice to be able to ask questions. Thank you in advance. 

I bought LTC6268-10 for a trans-impedance amplifier application for LIDAR. The laser emits in 10ns pulse and bandwidth of the laser is 1 khz. I have chosen LTC6268-10 because of its high slew rate. When I try to simulate the results according to the bandwidth of 1khz, the program with the link   od analog devices says: it is fast opamp so low SNR. It is unsuitable. Can ı use this LTC6268-10 for 10ns pulse width 1kz frequency photodiode signals? Does it have too much noise for my application? Does the propagation delay of LTC6268-10 change so much according to the current of the avalanche photodiode.