What the difference between the ADA4940-1 and the ADA4941-1?

What is the difference between the ADA4940-1 and the ADA4941-1? They are both ADC drivers, but what distinguishes the two parts from each other?

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    on Sep 18, 2012 10:46 PM


    That’s a great question. There's actually quite a few similarities and differences between the two let’s take a look at a few of them.

    Where they are similar

    1. They both feature a differential inputs and outputs.
    2. They both can be operated single ended in and differential out.
    3. They are both low power.
    4. They are both commonly used for driving low power ADC's    

      Where they are different 

    1. The ADA4940-1 features a fully differential output, that means its amplitude and phase are equal and opposite
    2. The ADA4941-1 has a complementary output, but is output is not phase matched
    3. The ADA4940-1 input impedance is relatively low and determined by the input resistors and the gain of the amplifier.
    4. The ADA4941-1 has a very high input impedance (it’s actually a dual op dual with on chip resistors for the second inverting stage G=-1)
    5. The ADA4940-1 features our dedicated feedback pin which really helps in streamlining layout; the ADA4941-1 does not.
    6. The ADA4940-1 has a supply current of 1.25mA, whereas the ADA4941-1 has a supply current of 2.2mA
    7. The ADA4940-1 has a small signal BW of 260MHz and supports 12bits at 1MHz
    8. The ADA4941-1 has a small signal BW of 32MHz and supports 12bits at 100 KHz.

    Well those are a lot of the major similarities and differences, I hope this helps understand the two parts a little better and as always for more detailed information please see the datasheet.



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