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Driving analog data convertor AD7823 with an op-amp


I'm interested in using an op-amp to drive an AD7823 data convertor.

Maximum gain required is about ~30, since I can use a ref voltage as low as 1.2V on the AD7823. Required bandwidth operation is 100KHz.

I have no requirements on the op-amp except that the supply range should be between 3v to 5v. However, I do prefer to use a single supply op-amp. I'm not sure whether I should choose an op-amp with a differential output, which according to my understanding, will be more accurate (Will the AD7823 be able to work with it?) or a single ended output with a common ground to the ADC Vin- input?

After reading some application notes I became a little bit confused with all the configurations out there and would appreciate some help...

Thanks in advance,



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