ADA4940 Model misbehaving.


I have a problem with modelling a circuit using the ADA4940 as an ADC driver, with a AD8235 instrumentation amplifier preceding it.

Whilst each device models correctly by themselves, done with ADA4505 pre-amp stages being driven by sine & cosine waveforms (simulating accelerometer inputs, in a constant velocity cyclic pattern), these being combined at the inputs of the Inst Amp or ADC driver.

When the Inst Amp is used to drive the ADC driver (for S/E to bidirectional adaptation for ADC), the result is that for the ADA4940, the +ve node output, +ve feedback pin and +ve node input are pulled low, and the the current draw on some nodes in the ADC driver are showing extremely high (kilo-amps....) in the node list from the simulation tool.

Attached are .jpg files of the cricuits (ADC-driver alone & combined with Inst Amp), screenshots of the output waveforms for both scenarios and the nodes "voltage & currents" results lists of both scenario's from the DC Conditions analysis.

I have not been able to figure out why this is happening, not sure if there is something strange with the Analysis tool (TINA Ver 9), or someting with one or both of the models (ADA4940 & AD8235). Both .cir files used were downloaded from the Analog devices website in the past 24 hours.

Any advice or assistance in solving this would be greatly appreciated.