AD9613 issue


iam using ad9613 in my design

in our design we have taken our CSB tied low,

when iam trying to configure the adc iam not able to get control on the ADC.

iam confuguring the adc with 16 bit address and folowed by data

is it the right way to configure the SPI,

i read that when you tied CSB low then the data streaming is done, and how should be the configuration of ADC through the SPI

my configuration format is like

R/W w1 w0 A12...A0 D7...D0,  again the same for the second register as like R/W w1 w0 A12...A0 D7...D0

is this the way to configure the SPI, or some other way to configure

please kindly suggest the proper way of configuring the ADC