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ADA4960-1 work for differential input to single-ended output?


I need to convert a base-band differential input to a single-ended output, bandwidth of 4 GHz. ADA4960-1 is a fully differential amplifier, so I assume I can terminate one of the differential outputs to create a differential input to single-output buffer amplifier, but the datasheet only shows the opposite case: single ended input to differential output. Will I be able to use this part for differential in to single out? If not, is there another part that would work?

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  • Hi Erin,

    Sorry for the late reply. For your first question, Yes you may use ada4960-1 as single-ended-output, but keep in mind that if you'll use ada4960-1 as single-ended-output you will sacrifice the gain. The resulting gain will be the half of the stage with differentil output. In order to fix that, may i suggest to use a differential to single-ended converter. But must not connect the terminated output to ground. For the second question, i am still looking for a good replacement but currently ada4960-1 is the only op-amp fitted for your 4GHz requirement.

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