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-Vs connection  Part Number: AD8021

Subject: -Vs connection

Part Number: AD8021

Linear Product Category: NA

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Just to double check, is it possible to connect the power supply (pin 4) to ground instead of the negative Vs value? All the design reference I saw (from UG727 document) connected the -Vs pin to a -ve voltage, but I'm constraint in terms of PCB area so I couldn't supply a negative voltage to the chip, hence I just want to double check if connecting -Vs to ground will still work. My input voltage range is from 0.2V to 3V, and my planned +Vs will be 5V.

  • Hi Yunzhe, 

    Unfortunately, connecting the -Vs pin to ground would limit your input voltage range to 0.9 to 4.6 volts, so it would not be able to detect your entire input range. Could you provide other requirements for your application? What will the end application be?