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High-speed amplifiers selection


We want to choose two high-speed amplifiers, one for ADC board(four channel input)  and the other for DAC board(four channel output).


(1)  input signals of ADC boad are single-ended,  the frequency of  input signals is 0~100MHz,  amplitude of input signals is -2.0V~+2.0V, the gain flatness is not more than 0.2dB;

input for ADC chip is differential, input common-mode voltage of ADC chip is around 1.0V, analog input span is around 1.6Vpp.


(2)  output signals of DAC board is single-ended and drive 50Ohm load, the frequency of output signal is 0~100MHz, amplitude of output signals is -2.0V~+2.0V, the gain flatness is not more than 0.2dB.


what amplifiers from ADI can meet the requirement?


Thank you!

  • Hi,

    I moved your question to ADC Drivers Community. Someone there will be able to help you.



  • Hi Guozhu,

    Apologies for this late response, but allow me to give you recommendations. See table below.

    Part Number # of Channels

    -3 dB BW


    Output Noise Density






    0.1 dB flatness


    Supply Current





    AD8139 1 351 6.6 84 140/137 45 24.5 SOIC, LFCSP 3.75
    ADA4932 2 375 8.6 82 136/195 100 9.6 LFCSP 3.67

    The data above table is based on these configurations, and it may vary based on the scheme you are going to implement.



  • Hi kerb,

    Could you as well give us information on what ADC and DAC are you gonna use? I will be needing from those part to give you the optimum recommendation for the parts to be used in your application. Thanks.