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Temperature dependence of gain performance about AD834, AD734 and AD539

Hello Support-team,

I'm DFAE in Japan. I have received a question about a temperature dependence of gain performance of AD834. The customer evaluated AD834 and he satisfied the linearity. But the temperature dependence of gain was not enough for him. Then the customer would like to know which products are better the temperature dependence of gain in AD834, AD734 and AD539. Could you please advise me which is best?

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  • Hello Akira,

    Apologies for the delay.  The AD734 has the lowest total error over temperature of the 3 parts.  The AD835 could also be considered.  AD539 is a 2 quadrant multiplier, whereas AD834, AD734, and AD835 are 4 quadrant.  They all have different signal bandwidths.   eg 500 MHz for AD834 and 10 MHz for AD734.  What is the customer's operating temperature range and signal bandwidth?  Thanks.