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MTTF-reliability data for XFCB (or FastFET?) technology (AD8065, AD8038) and AD8129 (unknown technology)

Hello, thanks for your time

I need the MTTF--reliability data for the chips

1) AD8065 and  AD8038 [ XFCB (or FastFET?) technology] 

    I have searched the data in but selecting the XFCB technology give no data.

   PS: "Product P/N" selection do not seems to work at all.

2) AD8129

   I do not know what technology is used so I could not use

   I am unable to find any data even in selecting SOIC


As I have said before, thanks for your time.

Best Regards

  • Hello,

    The 3 parts mentioned were processed on XFCB technology as checked.

    Same MTTF seen for these 3 parts. I have used the link you have provided using the Product P/N.

    You can type the specific part on the Product P/N.

    See sample shot for AD8065.


  • Hello thanks for your fast answer.


    From previous section

      "PS: "Product P/N" selection do not seems to work at all."

    It is a problem of Chrome compatibility with your site. After Chrome update "Product P/N" selection is working.

    PS: I do not rememember my previous Chrome number version

    PS: Even now XFCB process is blank


    AD8129. Bipolar Technology. Ok


    AD8065 and AD8068

    It is reported "Process Technology: <2.5um^2 Bipolar" when the datasheets say FastFet and XFCB process.

    The only solution that came to my mind are 2:

    A) it has been reported incorrectly in the database

    B) only the ingress is FastFet XFCB and all the other section are bipolars


    Thanks for your time and your aid.

  • Hi,

    For the AD8065, the FastFet refers to the input stage as you can see on the page 22 of the data sheet.

    While the XFCB, is the processed used.

    Other parts may use XFCB while the input is not FastFet.

    Thank you for your time as well.