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LTC6081: Spice Model for Tina Simulation or modification of LTSPICE macro

Hi all,
I'm looking for a way to get the LTC6081 in TINA. At the moment without success. I found the macro Code in the LTC6.lib The macro Wizard has a problem with line #2 A2 and stops (guess it's not getting better in line #3). I could figure out that it's an A-Device, and there's nothing like that in Tina, and i have to substitute it with another subcircuits.

Is there any documentation how to replace a subcircuits with a Tina readable syntax, or can Analog Devices provide a SPICE model for the LTC6081?

.subckt LTC6081 1 2 3 4 5 6
A1 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 OTA g=0 in=.5f
B1 0 N004 I=10u*dnlim(uplim(V(1),V(3)+.2,.1), V(4)-.2, .1)+1n*V(1)-147.05p
B2 N004 0 I=10u*dnlim(uplim(V(2),V(3)+.21,.1), V(4)-.21, .1)+1n*V(2)
C10 N004 0 50f Rpar=100K noiseless
M1 5 N012 4 4 NI temp=27
C2 3 5 1p Rpar=100Meg noiseless
D5 N012 4 DLIMN
M2 5 N008 3 3 PI temp=27
D8 3 N008 DLIMP
C3 3 N008 10f Rser=1.5Meg noiseless
A3 N009 N010 4 4 4 4 N008 4 OTA g=200n ref=-37m linear vlow=-1e308 vhigh=1e308
C11 5 4 1p Rpar=100Meg noiseless
C12 N012 4 10f Rser=1Meg noiseless
A4 0 N004 0 0 0 0 N006 0 OTA g=1u linear en=12.6n enk=55.4 Vhigh=1e308 Vlow=-1e308
C16 N010 5 790f
A5 N007 0 N009 N009 N009 N009 N010 N009 OTA g=18u iout=1.4u Vhigh=1e308 Vlow=-1e308
G1 4 N012 N010 N009 200n
D9 N010 N009 DLIM
C7 3 1 3.5p Rser=100 Rpar=5T noiseless
C13 3 4 1000p
S1 N010 N009 0 N005 SHUT2
C1 N006 0 105f Rpar=1Meg noiseless
C17 4 6 500f Rpar=1T noiseless
G2 0 N009 4 0 .5m
G4 0 N009 3 0 .5m
C18 N009 0 200p Rpar=1K noiseless
D1 2 1 DIN
S4 N008 3 0 N005 SHUT1
S2 4 N012 0 N005 SHUT1
S7 3 4 N005 0 SPOW
G3 0 N007 N006 0 1m
L1 N007 0 165.7µ Cpar=63.7f Rser=1.04k Rpar=26k noiseless
C9 N008 5 50f Rser=1.5Meg noiseless
C8 5 N012 50f Rser=1.5Meg noiseless
A2 6 4 0 0 0 0 N005 0 SCHMITT trise=8u tfall=1.5u vt=.8 vh=10m
D2 3 6 DSHUT
D3 3 2 DBIAS
D4 3 1 DBIAS
D6 2 3 DESD
D7 4 2 DESD
D10 1 3 DESD
D11 4 1 DESD
C4 3 2 3.5p Rser=100 Rpar=5T noiseless
C5 1 4 3.5p Rser=100 Rpar=5T noiseless
C6 2 4 3.5p Rser=100 Rpar=5T noiseless
.model DSHUT D(Ron=85k Roff=1Meg Vfwd=.1 epsilon=50m ilimit=1u noiseless)
.model DIN D(Ron=1k Roff=10T Vfwd=1.5 epsilon=.1 Vrev=1.5 revepsilon=.1 noiseless)
.model DBIAS D(Ron=1g Roff=1T epsilon=.3 ilimit=.2p noiseless)
.model SPOW SW(level=2 Ron=1k Roff=1G vt=.5 vh=-.1 ilimit=252.8u noiseless)
.model SHUT1 SW(Ron=100k Roff=100G vt=-.8 vh=-100m Vser=300m noiseless)
.model SHUT2 SW(Ron=1k Roff=100G vt=-.8 vh=-100m noiseless)
.model NI VDMOS(Vto=300m kp=30m lambda=.01)
.model PI VDMOS(Vto=-300m Kp=30m lambda=.01 pchan)
.model DLIM D(Ron=100k Roff=70Meg Vfwd=200m Vrev=200m epsilon=10m revepsilon=10m noiseless)
.model DESD D(Ron=10 Roff=10T Vfwd=.7 epsilon=.1 noiseless)
.model DLIMN D(Ron=100k Roff=100Meg Vfwd=1.65 Vrev=-300m epsilon=.1 noiseless)
.model DLIMP D(Ron=100k Roff=100Meg Vfwd=1.55 Vrev=-300m epsilon=10m revepsilon=10m noiseless)
.param Cload=1f
.param Rload=100k
.ends LTC6081


Greetings Matthias

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