Inconsistent Input Current Noise Density of AD8627 LTSpice Model


I am trying to use the Spice model for the AD8627, that I found on the AD website here:

The specification on the datasheet for this op amp is 0.5 fA/√Hz at 1 kHz, but this is not what I measure from the model. I am measuring the input current nosie following the method suggested here:

The method consists of placing a current-controlled voltage source in series with the input of the op amp, to be able to convert the op amp's current noise into a voltage noise that can be measured. When doing this, I measure 7.2 fA/√Hz at 1 kHz, instead of 0.5. I have attached a screenshot, because I could not upload the asc file for some reason.

Where does this inconsitency come from?