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I am looking for OPAMP which can convert single ended signal to differential signal to drive the ADC which has differential input. I have selected ADA4941-1 and tested for -2 and +2 gain configurations which are mentioned in Figure 58 and Figure 50 of datasheet. For -2 gain configuration, I am getting both the signals (positive and negative) but both are in 0 deg phase shift instead of 180 deg and for +2 gain, I am getting only positive signal (in negative line we are getting DC signal). For both the configurations (-2 and +2), I am connecting DIS pin to ground. Please suggest what might be the problem ASAP.
I am  tried to simulate same configurations (-2 and +2 gain configurations of ADA4941-1) in "ADIsimPE" but its showing error. The error is "*** ERROR *** The circuit is too large to simulate with this version.Too many analog nodes". Please suggest how to counter this error.
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Lakshmaiah S
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