ADCMP582 Input termination resistors maximum dissipation

Sorry if this is in the wrong sub-group; there doesn't seem to be one just for comparators.

The ADCMP582 datasheet is mute on the subject of maximum allowed power dissipation in the input termination resistors. From the allowed input voltages (-2...3), you could theoretically dissipate 1/2 W in each, which seems absurdly large. More specifically, I have a design where I want to terminate to ground, and still allow the maximum input range, so the terminations could be subject to 3^2/50 = 180 mW, which still seems large. At this point, I'm designing with external 50-Ohm terminations, but the question remains: how much power can the on-die terminations safely dissipate?


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Feb 7, 2020 9:28 AM


    Sorry for the very delayed response.

    I checked the design schematics of ADCMP582 but I need to look internally for someone or document regarding the power dissipation spec or capability of the internal resistor model/type used  in the input termination.