High-bandwidth amplifier for avalanche diode


I am designing a high-bandwidth, broadband (300 MHz- 1GHz) avalanche photodetector with single-ended output for low-impedance loads (~50-100 Ohm). I have two basic options, each of them requires different circuitries, I need help in choosing the right solution:

1. Using APDs with built-in transimpedance amplifier: I have only found diodes with differential outputs. Here, I need no additional gain (altough it would not hurt either), but I do need a circuitry for creating single-ended output from the differential. 

2. Using APDs without built-in transimpedance amplifier: here, single-ended outputs are available. Here, I need a circuitry providing at least 500 V/A transimpedance gain that also buffers the diode to be able to drive the low-impedance loads.

Could you recommend proper circuit design for this with proper components? Any recommendations for layout? For me the high bandwidth makes this a rather difficult task. I have looked into many spec sheets for rf amplifiers and op amps, but I am not sure which one to choose, and where it can go wrong. I would really need an expert's opinion.

Many thanks in advance!