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Use full differential amplifier with gain less than 1 AD8139 or ADA4932-1

I'm planning to use AD8139 or ADA4932-1 to drive AD9236. And I want to do x10 attenuation at the same time. I've some guestions:

  1. The ADA4932-1 gives Figure 39, "Open-Loop Gain and Phase vs. Frequency", The phase margin is aboult 45 degree, so is this the 'proof' of 'Can be used with gains less than 1' ?
  2. May AD8139 be used with gain less than 1, such as 1/10.


  • Hi,

    Remember that the stability of the amplifier depends on the noise gain and not the signal gain. Both amplifiers can be configured as an attenuator. Just make sure you are operating at the amplifiers' input and output limits and you should be good to go.

    Let me know if you have clarifications with your application.

    Best Regards,