Opamp ADA4896-2 quiescent current difference datasheet vs measure

Hi, I have designed an Analog Front End with two opamp stage ADA4896-2.

The power managenment is very important for the project, I need to dimmensionned the voltage regulator for the good current to limit the components area.

The voltage supply is 5.3V, common voltage at 2.5V.

On the datasheet page 5, the typical quiescent current is 2.8mA per amplifier for Vs=5V

On my circuit, I measured the quiescent current = 3.48mA with Vs=5.3V. There is no load, no input signal and the output is linked on the negative input for each opamp.

There is a large  difference (x1.55) on the quiescent current betwwen the datasheet and my circuit => do you have some explainations for this difference ?

Thanks for your support.