ADA4780 does not start up from a limited power supply

ADA4780 does not start up from a limited power supply.

Circuit is powered by 6W dcdc wich goes OVC cycling after power up.
Pulling SD bar pin low during power up cures OVC. However the amp
appeared to be in SC condition, i.e. 300 mV on TFL pin. Even more,
nothing is connected to the output besides 2k resistor to inverting input.
In order to turn damn thing on reset controller in not enough. I have to cycle SD bar
thus 2 states plus cycle ON bar afterwards thus 2 more states on power up.
Summing up 4 states. Is not it too much for a mere opamp?
Looking at posts it seems to be a common problem with the part in question.
Please come up with the circuit needed and post it at product folder.
P.S. My sincere congratulations to the digital age egghead designed an OpAmp
than needs 4 states  Mealy machine to start up upon application of power.