AD4084 characteristics

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Datasheet Table 3 specifies that at +/-5V, typical input impedance is [100KOhms||1.1pF]Differential and [200MOhms||2.5pF]Common mode.

Are these parameters guaranteed by design and can they be considered stable from one production batch to another?

In other words, for a voltage follower circuit, if we want to have a first order passive filter, is it possible to only add a resistor in series on the non inverting input? Can we considered the following circuits as equivalent? 

In addition to this, regarding Isy parameter specifies at 0.595mA. Does it mean that total opamp supply current is 0.595mA? Or, does it mean 0.595mA on +5V rail and 0.595mA on -5V rail implying total current of 2x0.595=1,19mA? 

Thank you in advance for your answers. 

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