Using ADA4930-1 with AD9284

Dear all,

I have a single-ended unipolar input signal of 0V to 5V (50 ohms source resistance) connected to the non-inverting input of the ADA4930-1.

The ADA4930-1 is powered by single-supply 5V and has input common-mode voltage range of 0.3V to 2.8V.

The AD9284 has a 1.2Vpp analog input range and requires Vcm of 1.4V.

According to page 22 of the ADA4930-1 datasheet, we can bias the amplifier inputs with resistors to bring the input signal to within the common-mode range.

However, I wasn't able to follow and obtain the correct resistor values to suit my application.

What are the suggested resistor values to meet the above requirements?