AD9613 input driver question


I'm driving the AD9613 analog inputs from the ADA4930 differential amplifier.

I've looked at figure 47 of AD9613. It seems there is some mistake, since the FB+ (without dot) should be connected to IN-, and FB- (with dot) should be connected to IN+ to operate as an amplifier (by using negative feedback). This is also true according to AD9613 datasheet and according to simulations.

I'm quite sure there is a mistake at figure 47, but I would like to get some approval from Analog Devices.

Please notice, there are some other ADCs with the same issue at the datasheet.

Also notice, that not all differential amplifiers proposed will completely fit the AD9613 ADC (for example: ADA4937 will accept OCM from 1.2V - 2.1V, while the AD9613 outputs 0.9V bias).

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