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Pluto doesn't work after a firmware update

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I have Pluto Rev B device and updated it in DFU mode by running uboot-env.dfu from 

update.bat uboot-env.dfu

that was my mistake.

Then I run: update.bat pluto.dfu 

which worked well and I got to firmware version 0.38 .

Now I need to move back to my old version 0.32 custom build firmware.

I tried copying plutosdr-fw-v0.32/pluto.frm to the USB mass storage and tried to do the same in DFU mode by running

update.bat plutosdr-fw-v0.38/pluto.dfu

and that doesn't work.

My questions:

Does Pluto support downgrading from form version 0.38 to 0.32?

What update.bat uboot-env.dfu does to Pluto? does it change uboot-env in a way that pluto.frm or pluto.dfu can't override?

How can I move back to version 0.32 version from version 0.38?

Thank you

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