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Pluto doesn't work after a firmware update

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I have Pluto Rev B device and updated it in DFU mode by running uboot-env.dfu from 

update.bat uboot-env.dfu

that was my mistake.

Then I run: update.bat pluto.dfu 

which worked well and I got to firmware version 0.38 .

Now I need to move back to my old version 0.32 custom build firmware.

I tried copying plutosdr-fw-v0.32/pluto.frm to the USB mass storage and tried to do the same in DFU mode by running

update.bat plutosdr-fw-v0.38/pluto.dfu

and that doesn't work.

My questions:

Does Pluto support downgrading from form version 0.38 to 0.32?

What update.bat uboot-env.dfu does to Pluto? does it change uboot-env in a way that pluto.frm or pluto.dfu can't override?

How can I move back to version 0.32 version from version 0.38?

Thank you

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  • Hello, 
    If you want to go back to V0.32 you can do the steps for update with the files of that release found here 

    Best regards!

  • Sorry, but that doesn't work.

    When I turn on and log in to the Pluto board it shows me 

    Welcome to:
    ______ _ _ _________________
    | ___ \ | | | / ___| _ \ ___ \
    | |_/ / |_ _| |_ ___ \ `--.| | | | |_/ /
    | __/| | | | | __/ _ \ `--. \ | | | /
    | | | | |_| | || (_) /\__/ / |/ /| |\ \
    \_| |_|\__,_|\__\___/\____/|___/ \_| \_|


    Then I copy the 0.32 firmware plutosdr-fw-v0.32/pluto.frm to the USB mass storage device and Eject the mass storage.

    It starts blinking very fast and completed the "update". Then I unplug and plug back in the board and it doesn't event come up in the Windows Device Manager tree adn it doesn't come up as a mass storage device.

    So I have to push the DFU button and switch to DFU mode and run 

    UPDATE.BAT plutosdr-fw-v0.38/pluto.dfu

    to go back to v0.38. Basically the downgrading from 0.38 to 0.32 doesn't work.

  • If you copy all the content from v0.32 archive inside mass storage pluto then eject you it should work. 
    Make sure you don't have files from v0.38 inside mass storage pluto just the ones from v0.32

  • Thank you Ionut. That worked. Can you please explain to me what's the difference between pluto.frm and pluto.dfu ?

    As I understand pluto.frm is the firmware for USB mass storage device update and pluto.dfu is the firmware update image from DFU mode. They both write the same Pluto image. Why are they different files? 

    Thank you

  • They both write the same Pluto image. Why are they different files? 

    DFU requires a dedicated file header and format. The FRM has also additional information and that wouldn't work for DFU.

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