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Synch 2 Pluto in different places using GPS

Category: Software
Product Number: ADALM-Pluto
Software Version: v.038

Dear all, 
I am testing the TDOA algorithm using ADALM-Pluto for the ADS-B 1090 MHz signal. I need to receive signals in different locations to find the time difference for TDOA.
Right now I am using a Raspberry Pi to control the Pluto using Python.
My question here is how can I synch the time when I call the rx() function, or call it at the same time on both Raspberry Pi? Can I synch it when I use GPS to synch the master time of two Raspberry Pi?
I want to get a microsecond offset between 2 "stations" to get an acceptable result.
Best regard

  • Hello, 
    If I understand correctly your issue is calling both  rx() at the same time ? For this issue using an external controller to emit a signal for both of them is a solution.
    If you just want to receive the signals for same time call and there is no external trigger you could also set a fixed time for both of them to run at.

    Best regards

  • You could synchronize the plutos using GPS or NTP but I'm not sure whether you will get microsecond offset between system clocks. Also the time it takes for rx to run is non-deterministic() because Linux is not an RTOS.

    This is not something that pluto can do out of the box, but you may be interested in using the GPS as an external trigger - there is a thread on this here. Triggering the DMA directly should fix at least some of the software latency.

     External trigger to start transmission.