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"DONE pin did not go HIGH" error

Category: Software
Software Version: Vivado 2022.2 Vitis 2022.2

Hello to everyone,

I'm using Vivado to program the SoC and a Xilinx Platform Cable USB II for connecting the Pluto to Vivado. I have ask a similar question before with same details and provided with photos of the modules I've been using. The link is provided at the end.

My connections are like this;

I have connected TDI, TDO, TCK, TMS to their respective ports on the Pluto.

The JTAG_Boot pin,  platform's ground, and Pluto's ground are connected to a common ground.

The platform's VREF is connected to 2.0 Volts.

The Pluto is connected to the computer via USB.

The error I encounter is: 

"DONE pin did not go HIGH" (a representative photo is also provided at the end)

I have found that the platform cable's VREF should be supplied by 3.3V however the moment we supply it more than 2.2V the Vivado does not detect pluto as an target device. 

I couldn't find a way to solve this. 

My guess on this problem is maybe pluto being powered by computer and supplying the platform cable with 3.3V exceeds the Pluto's operation range, but it is only a guess. 

I'm desperately open to any help.