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adalm1000 Circuits I lab


If you could provide more clarification on the following lab: Particularly the " Potentiometer design problem". I have never seen a potentiometer voltage divider circuit with 2 different voltage sources. Usually, V2 is grounded and not supplied with the 2.5 volts that is called for in the documentation. Thanks in advance.

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  • If you are referencing figure 7 then you need to consider that this is the generalized case for any voltages that might be applied to a voltage divider such as in a general voltage division circuit. The voltages applied to the two ends of a voltage divider are arbitrary and thus could be any voltage referenced to some third common node such as ground. In the exercise this point is demonstrated by connecting V1 and V2 to supply voltages other than ground. If you consider voltage V2 as zero volts with respect to ground then this general case simplifies to the case you are calling "Usually".


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  • Why be ambiguous? Just insert a ground sign in place of V2. This is after all supposed to be a learning site, so to speak. Also, why to have R1, R2 and a 10k potentiometer? I've looked everywhere online and could NOT find a similar circuit to replicate what you have posted. Either it's 2 resistors or a potentiometer acting as the voltage divider, NOT both. Finally, I will shift all questions over to the "Virtual Classroom". I'm new to this stuff. Thanks in advance.