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simple ad9361 libiio example for receive only

Category: Software
Product Number: adalm pluto

Hi all,

so im trying to create a simple code for receiving data remotely via usb from ADALM pluto using libiio in C.  There's an example here in this AD wiki which essentially shows how to do it, & as shown by the author its an incomplete example.

can anyone give me guidance on how to start off correctly with a similar code snippet and what the code in the link indeed is missing???

Much appreciation,


  • Hello, in the provided example you have the i and q variables that contain the data from the device, if you want to use them you would have to add your code for processing the examples at " /* Process here */ " in the Receiving data example.
    To obtain the iio context needed you can use the code bellow , you can also connect via USB by replacing the uri parameter with  your USB specific port (ex : "usb:2.9.5" instead of "ip:" )

    struct iio_context *ctx;
    ctx = iio_create_context_from_uri("ip:");
  • Worked finally like a gem!!


    for some reason using ip address didnt work.  I had to change to usb