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Alice 1.3 pysmu not found

Category: Software
Product Number: ADALM1000

Hi, hoping for some help.
I'm trying, and failing, to install alice 1.3 on win10.

Same problem as detailed here: Alice 1.3 pysmu not found

I have followed the advice there, care of dmercer (except using the most recent versions):

Install just the 64 bit WinUSB driver for 64 bit Win 10 (from libsmu-1.0.4--setup-x64.exe)
Run the libsmu-1.0.4-setup-x86.exe and uncheck the Install WinUSB driver box and check the one below it to Add application directory to search path

Install Alice1.3 from alice-desktop-1.3-x64-setup.exe (Version 1.3.14 Dec 7 2022)

check that libsmu is properly installed by opening a command line window and with the m1k plugged in type smu -l, this returns ADALM1000: serialxxxx etc suggestion drivers are fine.

On opening Alice Desktop, I get 'pysmu not found', and app quits when I close the message window.

Can anyone shed any light, please?


  • If you have installed Alice1.3 from alice-desktop-1.3-x64-setup.exe , the version built using 64 bit Python 3.8, you should no longer need the 32 bit version of libsmu. Try un installing everything using Windows Control Panel>Uninstall programs and just installing the 64 bit version of libsmu

    If that does not work for you, you should fall back to running from the Python source code. You should have Python 3.8 installed (but not 3.9 or higher because they made changes that causes the current released source to fail)

    With python 3.8 installed you have to install numpy (use pip from a command line).

    You will also need to manually install the pysmu bindings.  Build wheel packages for all the platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS) for versions: Python 3.7, Python 3.8, Python 3.9 and Python 3.10. (check the pysmu-manylinux-macosx-wheels archive for Linux and MacOS wheels and the libsmu-win32-win64 archive for Windows wheels)

    Instructions from libsmu github repo here:

    It has been a few years since I did all these manual steps so I might not have remembered everything exactly right.

  • So, I was going to follow your guide above, but thought to try a few more combo's first.
    I tried a just-32bit install - libsmu-x86 with 1st 2 options checked, got a popup to advise x64 version required, so installed libsmu-x64, again with both options checked.

    Installed fine, and smu -l at command line returned the expected board details.

    Installed Alice-1.3-x32, worked like a charm. It seems to have found pysmu from a previous install.
    Anyway, I'm happy - I have it running on a Microsoft Surface Go, Win10Pro - nice and small on the bench.

    Thank you for your help, hopefully this will go to help the next person with his issue.