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ADALM-PLUTO firmware upgrade crash

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADALM-PLUTO rev C.
Software Version: v .34

I was trying to add the MATLAB support toolkit for ADALM-PLUTO.  The system asked to eject the device and now it does not show up as a storage mount and iio_info says there is "No context found"  when it used to see it correctly  I am worried the firmware got scrambled is there any one who can help me fix this as I have a high urgency?

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  • That was it Travis.  And I want to thank Chris the AD tech rep who pointed this out to me too.  One piece of advice is that for some reason my windows 10 laptop did not see the Pluto in my Device manager. Fortunately i had an Ubuntu workstation to use  and using it and dfu-utils worked fine for reloading the firmware.  I highly recommend to anyone who is having trouble on a windows station to try working on a Linux box.  Which also works better for GNU Radio in my experience anyway.  Still sometimes it is good to be portable and so I use my laptop.