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Wrong GPIO Device Tree file descriptor in Sidekiq Z2

Category: Software
Product Number: Sidekiq Z2
Software Version: rev 2019.1

Hello everyone,

I've been working with the Sidekiq Z2 for a while, and I came up with something that I think could be updated in order to make things tidier, but before creating an issue on the repo I just wanted to double check here.

In the 'zynq-sidekiqz2-revb.dts' file, there is a gpio key declared that does not match with the hardware of the Sidekiq (most likely inherited from the 'zynq-pluto-sdr-revb.dts' file).

The snippet is the following:

gpio_keys {
          compatible = "gpio-keys";
          #address-cells = <1>;
          #size-cells = <0>;

          button {
         interrupt-parent = <&gpio0>;
         interrupts = <14 IRQ_TYPE_EDGE_FALLING>;
         label = "Button";
         linux,code = <BTN_MISC>;


I came up with this while adding spi-bitbanging functionality (which is unrelated to this matter). Some errors showed up when booting the board claiming some issues with the GPIO14, which seemed weird to me because, as already mentioned, the Sidekiq Z2 does not have a button in the MIO pin 14.

When removing the gpio declaration the following error apears:
Starting input-event-daemon: input-event-daemon: open(/dev/input/event0): No such file or directory

So I think that also the input-event-daemon.conf, "listen" should be modified accordingly, right? I don't know if erasing the line would be the best practice or what should be done.

Thanks in advance,


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