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Csharp bindings for libm2k and calibrateFromContext function

Category: Software
Product Number: ADALM2000
Software Version: v0.7.0-g7fad704


I have been using the csharp bindings for version v0.7.0-g7fad704 of the libm2k library that I got from a different project, but they are missing the calibrateFromContext function, which I need for my application. I am guessing, even though 0.7.0 is the latest version, I need to build a more up to date commit of the libm2k library to have access to this function.

I have two questions:

1) I think the latest pre-built libm2k library will include the calibrateFromContext function. When looking for the binaries that were installed in C:\Windows\system32 I can find libm2k-sharp-cxx-wrap.dll, but not libmk2k-sharp.dll, which is the one I'm including in my project. Do I need to look for this file in a different location?

2) If I can't get what I needed from the installer, do I need to build library with the ENABLE_CSHARP based on these instructions?


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