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Pluto TX DDS mode:

Category: Software
Product Number: Adalm Pluto Evaluation Board
Software Version: V0.37

 What format is tx buffer data?  I assume it is unsigned 16bit but I don't see anything on this.  I worked this out from the RX buffer as this is unsigned int.

  • You can find information regarding data format by running iio_info.  - 

    The piece of information you are looking for is this - 

    IIO context has 5 devices:
            iio:device3: cf-ad9361-dds-core-lpc (buffer capable)
                    6 channels found:
                            voltage0:  (output, index: 0, format: le:S16/16>>0)
                            voltage1:  (output, index: 1, format: le:S16/16>>0)

    cf-ad9361-dds-core-lpc - Buffer capable - this is the device that contains the buffer

    voltage0:  (output, index: 0, format: le:S16/16>>0) - 
    this channel is an output that is part of a buffer.
    It's index 0 in the buffer,
    and the format is
    le - little endian
    s - signed
    16/16 - 16bits data out of 16 bits storage
    >>0 - 0 bits shift

    Same goes for voltage 1 - but the index is 1.

    Indexing means the channel order in which the device fills the buffers. Here it is fairly obvious that the buffer would contain

    voltage0_sample_0, voltage1_sample_0, voltage0_sample_1, voltage1_sample_1, voltage0_sample_2, voltage1_sample_2 ....

    For other devices this is less obvious ..