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Installing python on ARM

Category: Software
Product Number: 1044730c370e0010f8ff240023338f7fe6
Software Version: v0.37
Good day. I am new to using Pluto SDR. 
I found that the IQ's maximum lossless bandwidth is 6 MHz.
This is not enough for me. I program in python and would like to try to write a program that would run on the SoC.
For this I need to install python on pluto. I read that it is possible to create a buildroot and include the necessary libraries in it.
I did it but I don't understand how to update my payment.
Maybe there are other options. My goal is to make a scanner that looks for certain types of modulation. And output the band frequency and modulation type from the device to the PC.
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  • For details on the fastlock feature see page 22 of the UG-570 document.

    In regards to using the fastlock feature with Python or generally from software, dynamically loading profiles can be challenging depending on dwell time requirements. Processing in the ARM on Pluto or on a remote systems will not be deterministic and can incur latencies, so it can be difficult to meet tight timings. Here is application that implements the necessary process but usually does not run in real-time: Osc Spectrum Analyzer Plugin [Analog Devices Wiki]

    If you need to perform fast hopping in real-time while loading new profiles, you would likely need to leverage a real-time SPI engine within the HDL fabric itself.


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