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Category: Software
Product Number: ADALM2000 m2k
Software Version: Firmware v0.31

Hello everyone,

I have an ADALM-PLUTO board connected to my network via an Ethernet dongle. To do so, I've modified the  ipaddr_eth on the [USB_ETHERNET] category as many tutorials say.

My question is about the [NETWORK] 'category' and its usage. I've not found many documentation in this regard, and I'm interested to know if it would be possible to use it in parallel, like TX streaming of data over [NETWORK] and patches, control, etc. via [USB_ETHERNET]. Is that even possible? If it is, how or where should I start looking?

Thanks in advance,


misspelling correction.
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  • I don't think I understand what you mean. Network category means network over USB using a protocol such as RNDIS,while USB ethernet refers to a USB ethernet dongle. In both cases the USB connector is used, either by the USB cable for the USB connection, or the ethernet dongle. 

    I'm not sure whether an USB hub would work as the Pluto needs to perform both host and device roles at the same time on the same port. In any case, if you managed to figure this out, you would basically have two network connections, where you can simply open two different contexts and use them separately for whatever you wanted although I don't really see the point.


  • Thank you for your response, I've got the two mixed up and some (not official) resources online contributed to my confusion.

    Now its clear.

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