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ADALM1000 Pixelpulse feature Source Voltage / Measure Current explanation

Category: Software

Hi. Using Pixelpulse on my ADALM M1K I have a question regarding the Source Voltage / Measure Current feature available on channel A and B.

Imagine I insert a simple 10k resistor between CH-A OUT and ground and set the software to Source V / Measure I.

I then now select a 5V sinusoidal output. The CH-A Voltage graph shows the voltage Sinewave. Shouldn't be that also in the CH-A Current waveform in yellow a sinusoidal current waveform should appear scaled by ohm's law.

I have instead a straight yellow line on 0 Amp.

Same if I connect CH-A output to Ain connector.

Same straight line.

Am I missing something or do I totally misunderstood the SMU feature?

I do not want to use CH-B as a Measure feature.

Best regards and thanks


  • Hello Steff:

    You realize that using Ohms law, the current in a 10 Kohm resistor due to a 5 V p-p sinewave will only be 500 uA p-p. In Pixelpulse I don't see a way to zoom in vertically on the current plot. It seems to be fixed at 200 mA to -200 mA so 0.5 mA (500uA) will appear as a straight line. Below I've included a snap-shot of the voltage and current waveforms for a 10 K resistor taken using ALICE which can change the vertical scale. While the current waveform is noisy it does more or less show the 500 uA p-p current for a 5 V p-p sine wave across a 10 K resistor.

    If you are using Pixelpulse (not recommended for serious users) then try using a 100 ohm resistor.


  • Doug. What a honor! Thank you so much for the reply. it works!!! best regards