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Standalone Data logging using ADALM2000

Category: Software
Software Version: M2KCLI

I am using ADALM 2000 device to perform some standalone datalogging for some sensors testing. I couldn't find except one example video for this operation which is this video:
since I am a windows user, I downloaded the example provided by Analog Devices as a txt file, then changed the name and the format of the file to "" and uploaded this file into a flash drive and connected it through an USB OTG cable to ADALM2000 which is connected to my sensor as specified by the video. the good point is that the LED became stable which means that the .sh file is pulled successfully. however, after around 5 minutes I browsed the flash drive, but couldn't find any csv files as I expected.

the questions are:
1- what are the steps that should be followed to perform the standalone datalogging if I am a windows user.
2- what are the limitations of ADALM2000 when performing this test, for example can I perform standalone datalogging of I2C or SPI sensor?

// that is the sh script that I used :

This example measures ambiental temperature with
#an AD22100 voltage temperature sensor, using the M2K.
#It requires these connections:
#M2K Sensor
#V+ -> V+
#1+ -> V0

#uri defaults to local
#to use other backends, pass the uri as command line argument

OFFSET=1.375 #voltage offset
TEMP_CT=0.0225 #AD221OO constant
ts=600 #time between measurements in seconds

if [ $# != 0 ] && [ "$1" != "start" ] #automounter uses start as parameter

#change directory to the drive, when running on local context
if [ "$uri" = "local:" ]; then cd /media/sda1/; fi
#create output file
touch output.csv

sleep 5
#calibrate ADC
m2kcli analog-in $uri -C
#power sensor
m2kcli power-supply $uri --generate channel=0 value=5
while [ $valid ]
#read voltage
voltage=$(m2kcli analog-in $uri -v channel=0 raw=0 -q)
temp=$(echo "($voltage-$OFFSET)/$TEMP_CT" | bc)
#write result to output file
echo "$count. $temp °C" >> output.csv
echo "Reading one value every $ts seconds. CTRL+C to break"
sleep $ts

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