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SPI read problem between zcu102 and fmcomms5

Product Number: zcu102
Software Version: fmcomms5

Hi everyone, 

setup : zcu102 board , fmcomms5 rev c. vivado 2021.1 vitis 2021.1

I'm using the example to make multi chip sync (mcs)

After creating the xsa file on the vivado

I put it in the no-os folder and making the project.

The problem I get during the debugging:

During the initialization of ad9361 with the command ad9361_init(&ad9361_phy,&default_init_param)  I'm reading the REG_PRODUCT_ID register using the command : ret = ad9361_spi_read(phy->spi, REG_PRODUCT_ID ) 
ret is assigned to the value '255' which is not good value.
the error appears is "Unsupported PRODUCT_ID"

On the oscilloscope the SPI clk , DI, EN looks good but I cant see a thing on the DO test point.

I switched to a new fmcomms5 and it doesn't help.

Please help me to run this example and find the problem


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