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Pluto Rev C Coherent Reception using 2 Rx Channels

Category: Software
Product Number: pluto
Software Version: rev C


For my application I need to use two coherent receive channels. From this video by Jon Kraft, I have seen that pluto rev C PCB is ready to use a second RX channel of the AD9364, making use of the relevant U.FL connector

My question is, if I use that 2nd receiver input, are the two receive channels going to work coherently?

Besides, is the coherence performance characterized? Not only from the ADC conversion point of view, but also related to the management of the digitized data (for example if the rx samples from the two channels would preserve the order when digitized and all the way to the sdr.rx() line on pyadi)

Is there anything else I should consider if I use the 2 rx channels for this  application?

Thanks in advance!