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Unbricking ADALM1000 Rev D

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADALM1000 Rev D Z
Software Version: Pixelpulse2 latest, ALICE latest

After I plugged in my new M1K to the PC and upgraded the firmware, as many tutorials suggest, I got a dead brick: it does not light up when connected and Windows does not recognize it at all.

This is very frustrating, as I didn't manage to do *anything* with the board, not even clicking the run button prior to upgrading. And now it's a brick.

I'm following this answer  ADALM1000 was not recognized by Pixelpulse2. 

I've already managed to solder the pins and now Windows recognizes it as "ADALM1000 SAM-BA WinUSB driver", and Pixelpulse shows it's in programming mode. But I don't see any corresponding COM port to be used in BOSSA. So I'm unable to flash the board.

Any hints on that? I also have Ubuntu 22.04. Perhaps, you have a remedy that could be used in Linux if Windows fails? Or maybe I'm missing some ADALM software installed? I've installed Pixelpulse2 , ALICE, and libsmu.