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libiio header file not getting recognized by our c++ file.

Category: Software
Product Number: 505-ADALM-PLUTO-ND

Trying to connect the PlutoSDR to our raspberry PI using C++. We are getting errors regarding the libiio header file and being integrated into our file.

Trying to run these two commands:
#define PLUTO_CONTEXT_NAME "ip:"

ctx = iio_create_context_from_uri(PLUTO_CONTEXT_NAME);

double temp = ctx.iio_attr.xadc();

Getting an undefined referenced each time we call a function from the iio.h file. We have followed all the guides listed on the Analog Devices website (i.e. installing the packages and executing the settings code) and the ones that specifically says raspberry piError Photo.

Any links/github we can follow to setup a connection using C++?