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Transmitting and receiving signals simultaneously over 2 SDRs using Matlab

Hi there,

I have two set of SDRs, one is Adalm2000 and the other is FMCOMMS5. I want to use Adalm2000 to generate a short period of low frequency signal to modulate a CW tone, the modulated signal is then sent to one of the receivers on FMCOMMS5. Since there is no physical trigger between the two SDRs, I have to set the receiver buffer to a large value and set the Adalm2000's transmit buffer to non cyclic (I don't want to use cyclic mode since then finding the start of the modulation will be a bit difficult). However I cannot receive the modulated signal even if I set the buffer to a larger value. It is likely that the data generation and reception happen sequentially not simultaneously. Is it possible to have the signal generation and reception simultaneously between two SDRs using Matlab?

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